Pamela… I think your boobs are leaking.

We are all going to die.

This picture is not digitally remastered

This picture is not digitally remastered

This here picture was taken on Monday, not just any Monday, ‘The Monday’. The day when  mother nature finally decided to unleash her post PMS pent up aggression and splatter rage all along poor Durban. If any of you dear readers (yep, all 5 of you) are familiar with Durban, you will know that thunder storms such as this one never occur on the sunny shores of its tranquil albeit far too humid coastline. 

There are two possible reasons for this.

The first being slightly more rational and has fancy glittery logic supporting it: Global Warming. Made famous by politicians/celebrities such as Al Gore (more politician than celebrity) and Scarlett Johansson. This commonly used and often misunderstood catchphrase has born the brunt of all natural anomalies.

Example: Flies in your kitchen in the middle of winter? Global Warming.
Example: Pamela Anderson’s silicon infused breasts melting? Global Warming.

There are many scientific explanations and discussions I shall not interpret and provide hypothesis on, but for those (few) that are interested, this may or may not explain the recent volatile environmental activity.…/greenhouse/hurricane.html

The second, though not as rationally sound as the previous, is the much more fun alternative. That thunderstorm is a cloaking device for an alien spaceship. *cue dramatic music* This genius has been borrowed from ‘Independence Day’, that famous movie where the army man and the geek kick some serious alien ass just in time to coincide with America’s patriotic holiday. (Convenient isn’t it)

You may remember this scene. Clever aliens cloaking their spaceships with mean clouds. Reasoning behind wanting Earth is a discussion for a later date. (Or never, probably never) and then this happens:


Through a logical sequence of thought processes, I have deduced that we are indeed going to die. I’m not sure which will get us first, Global Warming or Aliens, but either way, Pamela’s surgically enhanced womanly bits are going to melt all over the place.

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