Me vs Me (and I don’t win)

The guy with his head on the table is me and the ghost is me too.


Pictures for sad children
I’m in a quagmire (which is like a swamp only it could suck you in and kill you).

Once upon a time, I studied this. I was young and naive, I believed that studying that would make me rich one day. I admit, The pay is far from dismal, but I’m not happy, the bank is sucking my soul. See, all I really wanted to do was become this. There is no possible connection between the two. This fact saddens me. I recently discovered that its not so easy to make a career jump. Or it may be the fact that I’m shit scared of failing. Failing is for failures, and I am no failure. I’d sooner take a job in payroll.

I think I should start my own business. I’d make it a revolution in the way we handle our energy. Maybe if I’m successful, I’ll end up being rich one day. Not evil rich like the shareholders of oil companies, but rich in a wholesome way. People would admire me. I might end up being on the cover of Time magazine, looking out of its almost-glossy-but-not-quite pages with a thoughtful expression on my face. I know this expression well. I practice it almost every day in front of the mirror.

All I need to do is connect the dots…


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