Betty in the sky with flying burritos

This blog has been waiting to be published for over a month merely because I’m lazy and have the tendency to get easily distracted. As my life is somewhat void of fascinating happenings… the time has come Betty. You, me and a big slander-filled burrito fight, now!

I was interviewed by The Times one random Monday, sauntering aimlessly through the sunlit streets of Rosebank’s epicentre, when I was politely interviewed by this random reporter. Being the nice person I sometimes am, I obliged and answered her question about my most favorite and least favorite TV shows, pausing in between comments so she could write it down in her little notebook. This interview lasted 3-5 minutes at most. Admittedly, I did embelish about Ugly Betty more than I did about Grey’s Anatomy (which I mentioned was my favorite TV show at the time, given that my TV watching is sporadic). I paused for the picture and went on my way, hoping that I answered her questions to the best of my ability and maybe some 23-ish females would feel the same way. Alas, no.

In her comments, she stated that she ‘was lucky to get a word in’, which I laughed about in great length. Those two quoted sentences was all I said on the matter. There was no interaction on her part even though I gave her ample time to voice her opinion, which, may I remind readers, was not the point if the sole purpose of the interview was to get feedback on the best/worst TV shows on circuit. She goes on to state that ‘every teenager in the world would relate to something about the series…’

I’ll repeat that last bit: ‘every teenager in the world would relate to something about the series…’

Teenager, I am not. I do however, fit into the demographic target audience of the show. Lets break it down:

  • 23-ish (Betty has made reference to her age many times in the show)
  • breaking into the career scene
  • person of colour in a minority
  • doesn’t give a fuck about ‘diet’
  • likes fashion and stuff
  • at one point in life – had braces

So, what is wrong with the show?

< That.

In her 3 years of working for Mode magazine, Betty has learned nothing about fashion or the very basic techniques in hair care. By doing so, she shows a complete disregard for her peers, the career path that she’s chosen and struggles to show any real ambition.

In the real world, that is known as incompetence.

I get that Betty is a poster child for rebelling against conformists, but what message is she really trying to send the world? If you stay true to yourself, you’ll be accepted as part of a clique even though your actions prove that you are doing everything to go against them? Its acceptable to blunder your way through every major event in your career because being nice to people gets you through all that?  Being nice shouldn’t be the best thing about Betty, anyone can be nice, it’s a social obligation. Tenacity, although a formidable trait in many circumstances, does not prove that she is ambitious because she would have moved on from being a lowly PA to something with a bit more substance in her 3 -or-so years there. Betty needs to, excuse my bluntness here, grow some balls.

I don’t want to watch a show about a nice demure girl from Queens that makes a complete idiot of herself before the opening sequence. That does not inspire me to be a better career woman. You know what would be really cool Betty? If you took some tips from Wilhelmina. She’s a royal bitch I know but she’s got some serious business/fashion/editorial savvy. Now THAT is a woman.

And that is all I have to say about that.


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