If your site is more anal than awesome – you’re probably a prostitute.

I’m pro personal blogs, I like the fact that its a means to which one can express their opinions, observations or share vivid details of that one time they walked in on their parents smoking pot, giggling like a bunch of teenagers – swiftly eliminating any chance of thinking that weed was cool, emotionally scarring them for the rest of their stone cold sober lives.

Actually, I really don’t want to talk about that. Lets move on shall we?

As of the last few years, blogging has become the new hotness. Everyone has a blog these days, even airhead celebrities like Milan Marriott*, though, I’m pretty sure her blog is written by her PR people because if she did write one herself, she’d end every blog about a great achievement in her glamourous life with “that’s hawt” as well as spell it as glamorous. I know you’re constantly on diet Milan*, but there’s no need to drop a vowel.

*name changed for purposes of… actually, I have no reason, I just want to avoid bad SEO juju.

South Africa has group of talented bloggers, given that roughly 9.7% of our population has access to the internet and uses it on a daily basis, sad when you consider the fact that the percentage of people who know who Vernon Koekemore is surpasses that exponentially. Hopefully, in the next few years, this statistic will increase. The number of future bloggers out there will look to us for inspiration. I think a review is in order. When was the last time you read a blog? Did you take notice of the fancy profile picture? The attention to detail as conveyed in the blog layout? The bright, flashing adverts conveniently located on the left? If so, you’re doing it wrong.

 Its shocking to note that many of the bloggers drifting around local interwebs are writing ‘blogs’ for the sake of it. I read a blog post recently that made me feel kinda sad inside, the blogger posted an excuse of an entry involving the amount of ad revenue he received in that month just from blog visits. Now, I have nothing against smart-assed-ness or blatant arrogance, but upon reviewing the rest of his (frankly) dismal attempts at writing anything of interest, I got a glimpse of a not so bright blogging future, where ad revenue and blog hits outweigh the intrinsic pleasure of writing something that will entertain, interest and inform its reader. Its like a Shakespear classic adapted for screenplay, ravaged by crappy dialogue and directed by Michael Bay, with a cameo appearance of Milan* at the end. Not so hawt.

If bloggers put more thought into their musings, we might just inspire boys and girls (and that weird guy in the corner with the emo hair, I told you to leave me alone because, ew, you’re way more pretty than I am and that’s just WRONG) into writing posts of value, void of that annoying text speak. At this point, you might be wondering where anal and prostitution fit in the context of my blog. It doesn’t. I’m using it as a means to attract bad SEO juju.

… and you’re welcome.


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